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           GUANGDONG CREATIVE DOUBLE STAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD (also called "Creative Double Star" ) whose previous name was SHUANGXING TOYS CO.,LTD, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of License Auto Models, Radio Control Model Cars, RC WATER TRUCKS & CLIMBING LAND VEHICLES, RC Drift Racing Cars, RC Off-Road Buggy, and RC DRONES,etc.

        Up to present,Creative Double Star insists on business type of self research and development, manufacture and sale,and builds up high-efficient marketing sales channels covering domestic and oversea markets. We are launching into many countries and regions including domestic China, EURO, USA, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong, etc.

        In the future, Creative Double Star will focus on the development of more popular toys, depending on online and offline business, contents and market, thus grow up to be a leading pan-technology industrial company.