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        news product

        • Smart Sweeping RobotNO.LR006
        • Smart Sweeping RobotNO.LR001
        • Twist Stunt CarNO.1199
        • stunt car NO.1171
        • stunt car NO.1188
        • stunt car NO.1195
        • stunt car NO.1187
        • Rotary KingNO.1173

        about shuangxing

        GUANGDONG CREATIVE DOUBLE STAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD (also called "Creative Double Star" ) whose previous name was SHUANGXING TOYS CO.,LTD, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of License Auto Models, Radio Control Model Cars, RC WATER TRUCKS & CLIMBING LAND VEHICLES, RC Drift Racing Cars, RC Off-Road Buggy, and RC DRONES,etc.


        • Audi
        • TOYOTA
        • Hummer
        • Mercedes-Benz
        • Little Rabbit