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        Hummer H2 No.1028

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        Product Scale1:24 R/C CarProduct Size(cm)21x 10x 8.3
        Weight224gPackage Weight780g
        ColorRed, Yellow, black
        Running distance25-30mRunning TimeAbout約25分鐘 Minute
        PackageWindow boxPackage Size(cm)37.2x16x14.5
        PCS24 items/2 Inners boxGW/NW21/18 KGS
        Carton size(cm)82X36X87Cube0.26
        Cuft9.178Licensed brandHummer
        Functions4 channels remote control car (forward, backward, turn left, turn right) with front lights, rear lights
        BatteryBody to use 3.6 V (350 ma - 3 pills) rechargeable batteries (configured) remote control use 1.5 2 AA batteries (configured)
        Remarks1 1 remote control car, remote control, 1.5 2 AA batteries, 1 spring antenna, one 220 V feet round plug smart charger (4.8 V), 1 slice 3.6 V rechargeable batteries (350 ma - 3 pills)
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