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        stunt car No.1195

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        Product ScaleOther seriesProduct Size(cm)13.3x13.5x10
        Weight310gPackage Weight503g
        Colorstunt car
        Running distance15mRunning TimeAbout15 Minute
        PackageWindow boxPackage Size(cm)20x15.8x12.8
        PCS12 items/0 Inners boxGW/NW10.2/8.9 KGS
        Carton size(cm)50x22x56Cube0.061
        Cuft2.153Licensed brand
        FunctionsForward and backward, left and right turn, stunt rolling, 360 degrees, 180 degrees high-speed rotation
        Battery3x1.5V AAA battery for car &2x1.5V AA battery for remote control
        RemarksPacking:1xcar,1x remote control
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